Date syrup

Are you looking for a healthy Substitute for sugar? For those who like to eat sweet desserts but can not tolerate sugar, date products are great options. Date syrup is one of the most delicious and popular products that is prepared by processing dates. This substance is not only sweet and pleasant. It also has all the benefits of dates.

Because date syrup is made from seedless dates.

Benefits of date syrup

1. It has antioxidants

Date syrup has antioxidants, studies show that dates have a lot of antioxidants that make any related product healthy for the immune system. Antioxidants can prevent damage caused by aging or cell immunity. Therefore, eating foods rich in antioxidants can help keep our bodies immune to various diseases such as respiratory problems, heart disease or brain damage caused by aging such as Alzheimer’s.

2. antibacterial properties

New evidence suggests that date syrup may have antibacterial effects. However, researchers believe that more research is needed on this subject, but due to the presence of phenolic compounds in dates, they have shown effective results in reducing the growth of several bacteria. People in the Middle East not only consume date syrup for its health and taste, but also use it to heal wounds, which can support the effect of this syrup as an antibacterial product.

3. rich in minerals and vitamins

dates contain the necessary minerals and vitamins, including zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin A, which are good for the body

4.It fills you with energy

Dates are high in calories. Eating just one tablespoon of date jusyrup ice in the morning can provide you with energy throughout the day. For this reason, most athletes consume date products before their workouts to have more energy. Dates and their products are the most popular foods for Muslims during Ramadan. They usually eat it in the morning, to have enough energy for fasting.

5. rich in fiber

Fiber can help the digestive system and dates are rich in dietary fiber. Therefore, date syrup is not only easy to digest, but this product can also help absorb other foods.

6. Date syrup has no cholesterol

Dates have no cholesterol and are good for the heart because they are made without additives such as extra oil. Therefore, people with heart disease can eat date syrup safely without worrying about cholesterol intake.

7. Losing weight

Consumption of date syrup before meals, like anything sweet, reduces appetite and ultimately causes weight loss.

8. Gaining weight

Due to its high calorie content, date syrup is very suitable for people who want to gain weight. Of course, remember to eat date syrup with or after food because, as mentioned above, eating sweets before meals will help you lose weight. It also helps build muscle due to the presence of sugar, protein and other essential vitamins.

Uses of date syrup

Date syrup has a sweet aroma and soft texture that makes it look like honey. Therefore, it can be consumed like honey.

It is easy to add date syrup to various recipes, including cakes and desserts. This is an exceptional Substitute for sugar.

Date syrup can be eaten separately. Some people like to enjoy this delicious syrup at breakfast.

People who enjoy the sweet aroma and taste can make unique sauces with this product.

It is a preferred substance for various diets, such as vegan diets.

It is also used as a delicious dessert on ice cream.

How much date syrup per day is good to eat?

As a healthy person without diabetes, you can eat between 4 and 6 dates a day depending on the type of date (larger dates may have more calories and sugar). But we can’t count the number of dates in each serving of date syrup. So it is better to avoid eating too much, especially if you want to lose weight. Date syrup is high in calories and high in natural sugar, which means that overeating can harm your body. It is recommended not to consume more than 7 teaspoons of date syrup per day. In addition, if you have any health problems, such as diabetes, it is best to talk to your doctor about the amount of date syrup you can eat daily.

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