Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio trees are grown in warm and dry (desert-like) climates. pistachios contain high amount of protein, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and are known to be one of the most nutrient dense nuts in the world.The pistachio kernel is a complete pistachio nut which has been taken out of the pistachio shell. The natural pistachio kernel is delicious by itself and without any additives. This can be used solely as a snack or combined with other nuts.

Natural pistachio kernels can be taken out of any kind of pistachio type whether open or not. but kernels which are extracted from closed shells are a better choice if you want to keep them longer because they don’t expose to air or any dust conditions before production. so they preserve their natural and pleasant fresh flavor for a longer duration .

The natural pistachio which harvested earlier than the normal harvesting time is called “kal/kaal pistachio kernel “

one of the most important commercial types of kernel is the pistachio kernel which is exported annually to all over the world.

Natural pistachio kernel is a great organic food for those who want a healthy lifestyle and also those with diabetes.

pistachio kernel has many global fans and is usually eaten daily, as a significant snack by nut lovers. nut lovers prefer to have a daily use of this kind of nut as a snack.

This kernel has so many uses in different industries such as culinary, bakery, finger foods and appetizer foods because mixing it with almost any kind of food tastes good.

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