Shahani dates

Shahani dates are a variety of wet dates which are cultivated and consumed widely in Iran and they are more like rabbi dates in appearance beacause they are elongated with a narrow end. They are light brown or sometimes yellow and dark brown. Shahani dates can be consumed unripe, ripe and dry and they are one of most consumable and exportable dates in Iran. Every year, a large amount of shahani dates exports to Asian countries, like Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, etc.

The taste of Shahani dates are so sweet that they are a good alternative to sugar. Shahani dates, are a good source of energy and full of vitamins just like other types of dates. The fiber in Shahani dates helps digest food better and improves bowel movements. They are different type of vitamins in them especially B vitamins and vitamin C, and also contains a lot of minerals, especially selenium, zinc, potassium and magnesium. In addition to vitamins and minerals, shahani dates are rich in antioxidants, like other type of dates of course. The most important known properties of Shahani dates is prevention of anemia and cancer.

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