Mazzafati dates

Mazzafati Taste and texture are 15% to 35% moisture, a taste like chocolaty caramel with thick flesh.

They are full of vitamins, fiber and potassium and you can put nuts or cheese in it and eat like an snack. This kind of dates has many uses in baking cakes, ice creams, cookies, chocolates, etc.

These kind of dates are originally from Bam, Kerman in Iran and usually called rotab mazzafati Bam. 

Mazafati dates are high in various minerals. the fiber and potassium in them help the function of the digestive system to improve, and because the fiber is digested slowly, we don’t feel any hunger after eating it, that’s why Iranian people used it the most in Ramadan to help them with their fasting and are widely used in medical and food industries. The nectar in these dates is natural sugar Therefore, many patients with diabetes use Mazafati dates.

Mazafati dates has so many medical uses in addition to help strengthen eyesight, improve nervous system function and prevent osteoporosis.

One of the largest Mazafati dates producers in the world is Iran and south of Iran is the center of it.

Mazafati dates should kept in cool temperatures between -5 to +5 degrees Celsius.

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