Kale ghoochi pistachio

Kale ghoochi ( jambo) pistachio is famous for being large and it has a longer and bigger kernel versus Fandoghi pistachio. kale ghoochi pistachio is one of the most important commercial kinds of Persian pistachios production which export to all over the world but it is more popular in Arab countries.

Kale ghoochi pistachio belongs to the round pistachio category. All pistachios are categorized into two branch groups: round and long and kale ghoochi is a member of the round pistachio group.

kale ghoochi pistachio tree is a sensitive tree to cold weather conditions and water shortage and it has complex leaves. Jambo Pistachio (Kale Ghochi) Another Name (Kalehqochi) is most similar to California pistachios and it is so tasty because of it’s big and fatty size. The color of it’s shell is naturally light cream and it is one of the high demand pistachios in Iran`s Market

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