Fandoghi pistachio

Fandoghi pistachio is one of the most important commercial kinds of pistachios and the most cultivar of Persian pistachios is this type of pistachio so it has a high level of export volume.

All pistachios belong to 2 categories, round pistachios and long pistachios. Fandoghi pistachios are in a round group.

Fandoghi pistachios have a high production volume and low domestic demand because of its shape; that’s why they have a lower price versus other kinds. So, fandoghi pistachios form most of the pistachio export volume from Iran.

Fandoghi pistachio has the greenest kernel among all kinds of pistachios and it is covered with a light cream shell.

fandoghi pistachios are small in size, so at 1 kilogram, there are more pistachios than other kinds. 

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