Kabkab dates

One of the most important commercial and export dates of Iran is Kabkab dates which exported in a high amount of annual export of Iranian dates. Kabkab dates are also known as “Dashtestan dates” which is the name of their harvest area.

The size of Kabkab dates is medium and is about 3 to 4 cm. In terms of size, appearance, and pit, These physical features have made Kabkab dates very popular all over the world and are among the most important dates in the world market.
Kabkab dates are a kind of wet dates that contains a lot of nectar and from this point they are more like kali dates. Kabkab dates are yellow at first and as they ripe they turn into brown. Kabkab dates are grown in many cities, so they have different harvest times, but They are usually harvest in late summer and early fall. They are almost the same size as mazzafati dates are but the difference is the skin of kabkab dates are much thicker than mazzafati dates.

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