Abkhandan pistachio

Abkhandan pistachios are those closed mouth pistachios which open mechanically by changing temperature. Abkhandan pistachio has a much lower quality than natural opened month pistachios and they have the risk of fungal and bacterial contamination.

High quality harvested pistachios have a natural juicy and delicious kernel, which opens the shell and creates a natural laughter due to timely exposure. This type of pistachio is called open-mouth and its noble and high quality pistachio. The reason why some pistachios are closed is when the growth rate of the internal kernel is less than normal, it won’t have enough pressure on the outer shell so pistachio will remain closed.

Akhandan (Smiling water) pistachios will be created with temperature change, which makes an artificial laugh on the pistachio outer shell. In this process, they immerse all the closed-month pistachios in cold water for several hours then put them immediately in front of hot air and artificial wind. This temperature change makes a crack on the outer shell to burst and open their mouths. But this process destroys the nutritional value and quality of the taste in them and it’s just effective in the commercialization boom and sales expansion.

Unfortunately, the bad point of this procession is what makes this food with high properties into a substance. infiltration and passage of water into the space inside the pistachio and it’s remaining under its outer shells will turn pistachios dangerous and carcinogenic because of the creation of a suitable space for the growth of bacteria and mold, including aflatoxin. The hot wind applied on the surface of the prepared pistachios will lead to the loss of the natural taste of pistachios and will turn it into a tasteless and uncharacteristic combination.

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